Land Litigation

Land Litigation

Handling Private Property Disputes Across Georgia

The lawyers of Rhodes Law represent private property owners with legal issues involving titles and boundaries, nuisance and trespass, riparian rights, unlawful water discharge, zoning and variances, easements and covenants.

Defending Your Private Property Rights

Title Issues and Boundary Line Disputes

Issues with property titles and boundary lines often arise days, months, or years after the property closing. Common triggers include encroaching fence lines, conflicting surveys, misplaced boundary markers and pins, or inaccurate legal descriptions in deeds.

How Do I Know If I Have a Title Problem?
Quiet Title Actions

Nuisance and Trespass

A nuisance is a property intrusion that interferes with a private property owner’s use and enjoyment of property. Nuisance issues may include noise, pollution, odor or flooding. Trespass, similar to nuisance, is an illegal physical intrusion onto private property. Trespass disputes may arise from encroachments across boundary lines, unlawful stormwater discharge or other illegal use of another’s property.

Riparian Rights and Unlawful Water Discharge

Often, neighboring property owners, land developers, irrigation systems, or road construction projects make major water flow changes to surrounding property. When this occurs, property owners may face flooding and erosion from storm water drainage or runoff, or they may lose existing waterways and structures across their property. Illegal water discharge onto private property can present both a nuisance and trespass, and illegal interference with existing waterways can violate a property owner’s riparian rights, or rights to existing water flows.

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