Nontraditional Families

Nontraditional Families

Gay & Lesbian Relationships

Now that the United States Supreme Court has recognized the rights of all persons to marry, married gay couples in Georgia now also have the right to divorce. Our firm is experienced in providing skilled representation to assist all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, pursue just division of property when relationships end and obtain fair custody and parenting time arrangements for their children.

Grandparent Rights & Third-Party Custody

In special circumstances, Georgia law provides for limited custodial or visitation rights for grandparents and third parties who can show that the children would be adversely affected without their involvement and support. The Rhodes Law Firm devotes a portion of its family law practice to representing grandparents and others who have played a significant role in a child’s life. Without representation, these important figures can be denied contact, visitation, and involvement with a child.

Unmarried Parents

Our firm represents fathers and mothers in all aspects of custody litigation. Parents of children born outside of marriage need legal assistance establishing child support, parenting time, visitation, and custody. Fathers will also often need to complete a legal process known as “legitimation” to establish their rights to their children.

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