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The Rhodes Law Firm offers legal services in Divorce Law and Land Litigation. We are not a general practice law firm; we don’t do “a little of everything”. Instead, we provide in-depth, skilled legal services, specializing in land litigation and family law.

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Why Family?

Why Family?

Family makes us who we are, and changes within our families, both good and bad, have profound impacts on our lives. At Rhodes Law Firm, we help our clients weather the storms of divorce and change, offering guidance, advice, and advocacy to help them shape their futures to preserve relationships with children and maintain financial stability.

land litigation

Why Land?

Land is where we claim what is ours, that space of the world that belongs to us, and it is sacred. It’s where we raise our families and build our dreams. It’s where we invest our time and our money. At Rhodes Law Firm, we love helping our clients protect what is theirs, and we specialize in land issues including title litigation, boundary lines, easements, trespass, and nuisance.

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