Divorce is a Frightening Prospect. People approach divorce with so many concerns:

  • How do I take care of my children?
  • Where will I live?
  • How do I preserve my nest egg?
  • How much is a divorce going to cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • What if I don’t want this?

What does it mean to file for divorce?
Grounds for Divorce in Georgia

View a Sample Divorce Complaint

Costs and Attorneys Fees

On meeting with us, Rhodes Law Firm will provide you with a fixed fee for retaining us to represent you in your divorce. That means that you will know, when you hire us, the maximum amount your divorce will cost you. We offer fixed fees for both contested and uncontested cases. Our fees are based on the specific circumstances of your case as determined in your initial consultation. Our fixed fee includes:

  • Drafting all documents necessary to complete your divorce, from start to finish
  • All consultations between you and us, including phone calls, meetings, email, and any other contact.
  • All negotiation between your spouse (or his/her attorney) and our firm.
  • All of the fees often itemized by other firms including postage, fax, and photocopy charges.

The only additional fees you might incur relate to outside services you elect to purchase such as a real estate appraisal, expert witnesses, and court fees.

You can view a sample Client Agreement for Uncontested and Contested Divorces below, but please keep in mind that your fees are specific to your case and are reflective of its complexity or simplicity.

Uncontested Client Agreement

Contested Client Agreement

Property Division in Divorce

Many divorce cases require a factual determination of what assets (or debts) are marital or non-marital (separate) property, and these issues range from the very simple to highly complex.

In Georgia, marital property is subject to “equitable division.” Equitable does not necessarily mean equal. What each party receives as “equitable division of property” depends on many factors: the amount of assets and debt to be divided, any separate assets available to either spouse, and the needs and conduct of each spouse.

More about Property Division in Divorce
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Child Custody and Child Support

How do I protect my children?

Child custody is one of the most emotional aspects of a divorce. Parents worry about where the children will live, how much time they’ll be able to spend with each parent, and how the children will survive the changes a divorce represents. That’s where we come in. At Rhodes Law Firm, we will guide you through the tricky maze of child custody, ensuring, first and foremost, that you maintain your parenting relationship with your children and that you get to see them and talk to them every day.

Factors to Determine Child Custody
Why is Child Support So Complicated?
More about Child Custody and Child Support


Georgia recognizes several different types and terms for alimony: permanent, periodic, temporary, lump sum, and gross. Some of these terms mean the same thing as other terms while others are drastically different. Make sure your divorce settlement agreement is specific about what type of alimony you are paying receiving.

Death Knell of Alimony
Wait, I WANT Alimony: How do I Get It?

Adultery and Divorce

Infidelity can be a major factor in divorce cases, but it is not necessarily the deciding factor for a favorable or unfavorable outcome. In apportioning property, dividing debt, determining child custody, and awarding alimony, the Court considers many factors including the parties’ conduct before and during separation and their contributions to the marriage.

The Role of Adultery in Divorce
Adultery and Child Custody Determinations
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Nontraditional Families

Gay & Lesbian Relationships
Grandparent Rights & Third-Party Custody
Unmarried Parents

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