Holiday Survival: 4 Tips for Divorced Parents


The holidays are almost here. And while the holiday season is typically a time for celebration, it can also be pretty hectic—particularly for divorced and recently separated parents.

If the holidays have you feeling overwhelmed, here are a few tips to help you handle the holiday madness:


  1. Be positive around your kids.

    If you won’t get to see your kids the day of a particular holiday, don’t let them see how upset you are about it. It will only cause stress and make them feel guilty. Instead, encourage them to look forward to spending that time with the other parent. Most importantly, if you embrace the new holiday schedule, your kids will, too.

  2. Be thoughtful.

    While you may not feel up to getting a gift for your ex, you might consider helping your kids to pick out something to give their other parent. It’s a considerate gesture that will set a good example for your children, and it could go a long way in improving an otherwise tense relationship with your ex.

  3. Start new holiday traditions.

    News flash: Holiday celebrations don’t actually have to occur on one specific day. December 26 is just as much of a day as December 24. Lighten up! Plan a fun activity to do with your kids. They can look forward to it each year. Need some ideas? It doesn’t have to be expensive. Watch your favorite holiday movie together, or bake and decorate cookies . Go to a holiday light display – there are more than 25 light displays throughout metro-Atlanta and North Georgia, and many of them are free.

  4. Do something for yourself.

    Take advantage of the time without kids around, and then, do something to treat yourself. Take a trip or plan a night out with friends. Watch a favorite old movie. Call your mother. (Definitely call your mom.) Do something that will bring you joy and take your mind off holiday stress.

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